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Behind the Scenes in Iconic Romantic Comedies

February 8, 2019

Entertainment Weekly just published a list of things that ALMOST happened in iconic romantic comedies.  Here are five ot them.

1.  "Serendipity" almost didn't have a happy ending.  In the original script, John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale didn't end up together.  When the writer showed it to a friend, the guy said they had to get together.  So, the change was made.

2.  Meg Ryan was almost in "Mannequin".  Meg was unknown at the time, but the casting director liked her.  But the producers didn't think she had "it".  Two years later, she starred in "When Harry Met Sally".

3.  Andrew McCarthy almost wasn't in "Pretty In Pink".  Charlie Sheen was a contender for the part of Blane, but Molly Ringwald convinced them to go with McCarthy.

4.  "50 First Dates" was almost called "50 First Kisses".  Studio polling determined that the word "Kisses" was a turn-off to guys, so they changed it.

5.  "Crazy, Stupid Love" was almost called "Wingman."