Common Misspellings Not Caught by Spellchecker

July 11, 2018


Here are five words that won't always get caught by spellchecker...

"Led"  As in you "led the meeting this morning."  A lot of people think it's spelled L-E-A-D, but that's just in present tense.  Past tense is L-E-D.

"Manager"  People miss the second "A" a lot and write "manger."  They're both real words, so spellcheckers tend to miss it.

"Judgment"  Folks like to add an "E" after the "G" which is how it's spelled in England.  But, not in the U.S.

"Affect" vs "Effect"  One starts with an "A" and the other with an "E."  The one with an "A" is almost always used as a verb.  Sleeping on the job affects your output.  And the one with an "E" is usually used as a noun.  Hangovers are a side effect of too many martinis.

"Ensure"  If you want to make sure something happens, then it starts with an "E."  It starts with an "I" if you're talking about insurance.