Igor Varshinsky/Getty Images

Do You Tip Your Hotel Maid?

July 16, 2019

According to a recent survey by CNN/The Points Guy/Your Mileage May Vary), 41% of Americans don't think you need to tip the maid at hotels.  46% said you should leave a tip, and 13% weren't sure.  But etiquette experts say you should definitely leave a tip.  Here are four rules to follow:

1.  Tip at least a dollar per night.  Some experts say two bucks a night.  If it's a nice resort or they did a great job, leave five bucks a night.

2.  Try to do it every day.  You might have different people cleaning your room.  So, don't just leave one big tip at the end.

3.  When you leave a huge mess, tip more. 

4.  Leave a note as well as a tip.  Most hotel rooms have a notepad and pen.  Then, leave your tip next to the note.