The Five Most Annoying People at the Gym

February 7, 2019

Have you followed through on your resolution to get into shape and bought a gym membership yet?  Now, you just need to actually go to the gym.  But, when you do, don't do any of this stuff.

Thrillist lists the five annoying types you see at every gym.

1.  The extreme grunter.  This dude grunts as loud as he can on every rep, and probably spits too.

2.  The equipment hog.  Don't claim more than one machine at a time.  Be mindful of others who are working out.

3.  The creep who stares at ladies in yoga pants.  No gawking!

4.  The clueless parent.  If you bring your kids to the gym, don't let them run wild.  One time I probably saved a child's life who was about to be crushed by a leg press machine.  His parent was nowhere in sight.

5.  The narcissist.  The guy can't stop staring in the mirror.