Go Ahead, Pig Out Every Once In a While

This Is Good News

May 15, 2019

Eduardo Munoz-Alvarez/Getty Images

A new study in MedicalXpress found that our bodies bounce back pretty quickly after a big day of overeating.  Plus, occasional gluttony probably won't cause long-term issues.  Researchers had people overeat for five straight days to simulate how you might act around a big holiday weekend.  Each participant added a thousand calories a day to their diet.  It turns out our bodies are good at dealing with it because it didn't have any significant long-term effects on metabolism or insulin levels.  But what about overeating for a full month?  Well, that did affect things like weight and insulin response. 

So, if you're on a diet, go ahead and have that ice cream cone.  That's OK.  But then, get back on that horse!