One In Five People Admit They're Not a Good Kisser

And the Top Five Things That Can Ruin a Kiss

February 7, 2019

According to a survey in National Today, 22% of respondents said they're an AMAZING kisser, 28% said "great"... and 32% said "good".  But 16% said they're just "okay" at it, and 2% admitted to being a "horrible" kisser. 

The survey revealed the #1 thing that can ruin a kiss is bad breath, followed by too much tongue, your teeth getting in the way, not enough tongue, and accidentally making eye contact. 

84% of us had our first kiss before leaving high school, 31% have kissed someone on a dare, and 14% of Americans let their dog kiss them on the mouth. 

I love Kevin the Greyhound, but I do NOT let him kiss me on the mouth.  I know where his mouth has been!