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Pauley Perrette Says Family Feud is "Filthy"

August 22, 2018

I suppose Pauley Perrette quit "NCIS" so she could spend more time watching TV, and she does NOT like what she's seeing.  In particular, Perrette doesn't like how naughty "Family Feud" has become.  In a Twitter rant, she said, "I love STEVE HARVEY, and I love the game shows.  (But) WHY DO YOU MAKE YOUR PROGRAM SO FILTHY?  Even with child players?  No reason.  I'm a sociologist, and I love "Family Feud" but WHY are all the questions now filthy and sex questions?  There's so much more to humans.  C'mon." 

I've watched the show recently and know what she's talking about.  As to why they're doing it, that's easy... for ratings.