Slang Terms You May Hear This Year

January 9, 2019


To help you stay slang-wise, Oprah magazine put this list together. 

1.  "Tea" means gossip.  If you spill tea about someone, you're talking behind their back.

2.  "Beat" can be a verb or an adjective, and it's about putting on make-up.  Someone might say, "I've gotta beat my face, I've got a date tonight."

3.  "Snatched" means you look good.

4.  "Goat" is an acronym standing for Greatest Of All Time.  If someone says, "You're the goat," they're giving you a compliment.

5.  "Gucci"  just means good.  If you like something, it's Gucci.

6.  "Thirsty" means you desperately want approval, or want to get with someone.

7.  "Keep it 100" means you're authentic, like keep it real.