Ingus Krukitis/Getty Images

What If You Were A Millionaire?

November 7, 2019

A survey of 55 millionaires in Business Insider asked what are the things they splurge on.  Here's the top five:

1.  Travel.  60% said they splurged on travel, which was almost twice as many mentions as anything else in the survey. 

2.  Food.  35% mentioned it and included eating out and cooking at home.

3.  Cars.  Just 15% said they splurge on cars.

4.  Wine.  9% said they spend a lot on drinking and collecting wine.

5.  Clothes.  Only 7% said they spend a lot on their wardrobe. 

Some other things millionaires in the survey said they splurge on are their house, their boats, concerts, golf, sporting events, gadgets and watches.