We Did It!

Kevin can't believe it

June 13, 2019

Honestly, I never thought this day would come.  But it has.  The St Louis Blues are Stanley Cup Champs!  I saw my share of games at the Arena/Checkerdome, so I've been a Blues fan for a long time.  It seemed as if the Blues were snake-bitten.  The ultimate title was just out of their reach.  It was, until last night.  And what a night!  Kevin got so many doggie cookies he couldn't believe his good fortune.  We went for a couple of long walks through the neighborhood since sleep was out of the question.  Kev wondered why everyone was shooting off fireworks and honking their horns.  After I explained it to him, he said, "Fine, got another cookie?"  In the pic, we're waiting for the Southampton Clementine's to open.   Kevin's got quite a beak, doesn't he?