Nationwide White Claw Shortage?

September 10, 2019

The popularity of hard seltzer has grown dramatically in just the last year.  According to CNN/Business Insider, White Claw sales were up 283% this July compared to last year, and White Claw accounts for 61% of the hard seltzer market.  Now there are reports that there is a nationwide White Claw shortage.  This alarmed me since I happen to like it.  So, I went to the Hampton Village Schnucks today to check on the supply.  Not only did I find plenty, but it's on sale!  I bought some because who knows how long it'll be in stock, right?  Of the ten states that White Claw is the most popular, Missouri and Illinois are ranked 2nd and 8th respectively. 

In case you're wondering, White Claw is made by Mark Anthony Brands, which also makes Mike's Hard Lemonade.