File photo dated 21/11/17 of Will Smith, who has confirmed his Genie in the live-action Aladdin remake will be blue following a backlash from fans.

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Watch: First look at Will Smith’s Genie in new 'Aladdin' trailer

February 11, 2019

Will Smith makes his debut as the iconic Genie in the first full-length trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin.

The 60-second teaser opens with Marwen Kenzari’s Jafar kicking off the search for the magical lamp in the Cave of Wonders. Naomi Scott’s Princess Jasmine and the lavish city of Agrabah also make brief appearances in the teaser.

Other scenes show Mena Massoud’s Aladdin finding and rubbing the lamp -- and being introduced to Smith’s bulked up blue Genie for the first time.

After the trailer debuted Sunday, Twitter users couldn't help making fun of Smith’s blue-skinned, bulked-up and creepy-looking Genie.

"It turns out that Will Smith's Aladdin Genie will haunt my nightmares," one Twitter user wrote, while another tweeted, "I'll never sleep again and it's all Will Smith's fault." Others compared Smith's look to the Smurfs, while one person bluntly remarked, "All three of my wishes would be to unsee the Will Smith genie."

Directed by Guy Ritchie, Aladdin hits theaters on May 24, 2019.