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Soulard Mardi Gras, Cajun Cook-Off St. Louis

Cajun Cook-Off is This Weekend in Soulard

The Soulard Mardi Gras parade is February 22nd but there are a bunch of events leading up to it. This weekend it's the Cajun Cook-Off! Learn the secrets of Cajun cooking with this year's celebrity chefs, Craig Verhage, Mike Johnson and Christina Fitzgerald who will be delivering spicy hot tips as... Read More
Wilford Brimley

Sportswriter Confuses Andy Reid with Wilford Brimley

Despite what some see as a resemblance, 85-year-old Cocoon star Wilford Brimley is not 61-year-old Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. That's what one Twitter user learned during Sunday's Super Bowl thanks to a tweet from Brimley himself. "Serious question, is the Chiefs coach the 'diabeetus'... Read More
Hall & Oates are coming to St. Louis this summer

Hall & Oates Hotline 'Callin Oates" Still in Service

Did you know there is a Hall & Oates emergency hotline? They call it "Callin' Oates" and you can reach it by dialing 719-26-OATES (719-266-2837). You'll be asked by a computer generated voice to pick your favorite Hall & Oates tune. Pass it along to their fans! Read More
Walmart Superbowl Commercial

Watch: Walmart's "Famous Visitors" Super Bowl Commercial

This is really good... Wal-Mart has a movie-themed ad with Groot, Buzz Lightyear, Legos, the talking pug from "Men In Black", "Bill & Ted's" Alex Winter, a de-aged version of Alex Winter, and the aliens from "Mars Attacks". Video of Famous Visitors | Super Bowl Extended Cut Read More
Pokemon Go

St. Louis Picked To Host Worldwide Pokémon Go Event This Year

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) - St. Louis has been chosen as the host city of the first Pokémon Go Safari Zone in the U.S. this year. The three-day event is expected to bring tens of thousands of users obsessed with catching imaginative creatures by taking photos of them on their smartphones. Last year, when... Read More
1 thing

Join The Recycle Revolution And Cut Your Waste In Half

I joined the RECYCLE REVOLUTION- and boy what a difference! We’ve easily cut our trash in half. The recently I’ve talked to a number of people about what you can and can’t donate and everybody has a different opinion. So what can and what can you not recycle? I did some homework and here’s what I... Read More
Super Bowl Prop Bet Sheet for Sunday

CBS' Printable Super Bowl Prop Bet Game

CBS has a printable PROP BET game, where the people at your party can bet on things like: How long will Demi Lovato's National Anthem take, will the game be tied again after starting 0-0, and how many wardrobe changes for J-Lo during halftime? Over 2.5, or under 2.5? Click Here to downlod your Prop... Read More
New dog walking advice

Animal Rights Founder Thinks You're Walking Your Dog Wrong

If your dog goes to the bathroom in under five minutes, you might consider it a successful walk. But have you actually been walking your dog WRONG this whole time? According to the head of PETA, it might be true. And her main critique is stop RUSHING them. Here are four tips to make trips outside a... Read More
Kobe Bryant Tribute

Jessica Simpson's Touching Photo of Kobe Bryant Crash Site

Jessica Simpson and husband Eric Johnson had a heartbreaking view of the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash site from their yard, Page Six reports. Simpson posted a beautiful image from their yard of the mountainous area on Instagram, that shows rays of sun coming through the clouds. “Eric took this... Read More
Running Late

POLL: When You're Actually Considered "Late"

According to a new study, the average boss says they usually DO give their employees some wiggle room when it comes to being late. They say you've got about SIX MINUTES, and after that, you're late. But until then, you're probably good. According to CareerBuilder, 29% of people say they're late to... Read More