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QUESTION: Do You Really Believe in Ghosts?

Ghosts? Never gave the possibilty of their existence a thought...that was until I started working early mornings. There is something strange out there in the middle of the night (insert evil laughter). It's Halloween week, so that makes it a good time to check in on an old classic question: So... Read More
Christmas shoping

25% of People Have Already Finished Their Holiday Shopping?

If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet . . . well, you're probably not going to want to hear this. According to a new survey, 25% of people say they've already FINISHED their holiday shopping for the year. Men are almost six times more likely than women to say they're all done. 48% of... Read More

Wanna Feel Skinny? Weigh Yourself on a Friday Morning

If you're like most of us, your weight hasn't exactly been steady this year. But how much can it fluctuate just on a day-to-day basis? The answer is it can change a LOT from one day to the next. And if you want to feel good about yourself, try weighing yourself on Friday mornings. The average... Read More
Black Friday

Walmart's Plans To Have Three "Black Fridays" This Year

Walmart doesn't want its annual Black Friday stampede this year . . . where people will get trampled AND coronavirus at the same time. So their plan is . . . holding THREE Black Fridays in their stores instead. Maybe those will all have smaller, more socially distanced stampedes? Their Black Friday... Read More

"Red Flag Warning" Issued For Area Between 1-6pm Today

What with gusty winds up to 40 mph and warm conditions expected today, the National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for the St. Louis metro area this afternoon from 1-6pm. With the lack of rain recently, low relative humidity during the afternoon and winds that are expected to get... Read More
Christmas Presents

USPS Deadlines for Holiday Shipping

I'm sure some of you have already started your holiday shopping! Make sure you don't delay in sending your package. Every year, the U.S. Postal Service releases its holiday shipping deadlines to help people plan when to send their Christmas gifts to make sure they arrive before December 25 (... Read More
Half Christmas Trees

"Half Christmas Trees" Are On Sale Again This Year

So, if you're lazy...I mean really lazy, a half-Christmas tree just might be for you! It's exactly what you're thinking, but it looks way better than you'd think, too! If space is an issue, then a half-Christmas tree might just be the answer you're looking for. Hammacher Schlemmer Click Here to... Read More
Dollar General

Dollar General Opening New Stores For "Higher End" Shoppers

There are some people out there who think they're too fancy to shop at a dollar store. So here's an idea: Why not sell them the same stuff they'd get at the dollar store, but for more money? Dollar General just announced they're opening a new line of stores called Popshelf, which will be targeted... Read More
Halloween Candy

Here's the Most Popular Halloween Candy by Generation

I was at Target yesterday because....well, that's what adults do, right? We go to Target! BTW, I think they have a formula to direct people--similar to how casinos in Vegas direct people to the table games through a maze of turns and twist-- to the Halloween candy aisle. So as long as I'm there---... Read More
Eddie Van Halen

RIP Eddie Van Halen: The Tributes

This one hits hard . Eddie Van Halen and the band Van Halen were such large parts of the soundtrack my youth. I'll never forget standing in line outside of Peaches in Ballwin Plaza to buy a copy of their "1984" album. Saw them in concert twice---once at the Checkerdome right after Sammy Hagar... Read More