New product for gamers

Tech Company Develops Christmas Dinner in a Can for Gamers

Tech retailer GAME released an affordable £2 ($2.64) Christmas dinner in a can in 2013 for hardcore gamers who spend their Christmas playing games online who don’t want to leave the chair.
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Santa Claus Letters

Here's How Your Child Can Get a Letter From Santa Claus

Santa Claus and his elves have been busy all year, but Christmas is now just a few weeks away and now is the perfect time to get your child's letter to Santa!
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You Can Now Buy an Entire Christmas Dinner in a Tin Can

Your days of spending hours over a hot stove making a holiday meal are over. British video game retailer GAME has relaunched their time-saving culinary answer in the form a three-course Christmas dinner in a tin can, according to the New York Post . That’s lunch sorted today! #ChristmasTinner #Game...
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8 Apps to Help Families Survive the Holiday Season

Smartphone apps already help you get around your hometown, find restaurants, and entertain yourself during downtime, while your kids likely already have their own favorites. So why not rely on them to help you and your offspring during the most harried time of the year? Winter holiday travel doesn’...
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How Much Does Mariah Carey Get Paid Every Year for 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'?

It’s Mariah Carey season! All Carey might want for Christmas is “you,” but in reality, she’s getting a pretty festive paycheck thanks to her holiday classic. When the clock strikes December (sometimes sooner), the 1994 hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You" becomes unavoidable, and despite its...
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The Stars of Netflix's 'A Christmas Prince' Acknowledge Its Ridiculousness

Netflix's “A Christmas Prince” franchise will get you in the right mood for the holidays as we revisit the fantasy royal family. In "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby," the latest in the series, fans are transported to the fictional country of Aldovia to witness the birth of the first child of...
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6 of the Best Holiday Theme Parks Across the Country

If they height of excitement at your usual Christmas is when Nana falls asleep face-first in her mashed potatoes, it’s time to explore the exciting side of the holiday season. Across the country, holiday parks pop up in parking lots and at major national theme parks, combining thrilling roller...
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Christmas Trees getting expensive

Christmas Trees Cost as Much as $6,500 in New York City

“A 20-footer will set you back about $6,500 including delivery and installation,” said Scott Lechner, sales manager of the Soho Trees lot at the corner of Varick and Canal Streets.
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Fir Real? Jennifer Garner Accidentally Bought a Massive Christmas Tree

Uh oh! It seems like Jennifer Garner tried to pick the perfect Christmas tree, but made a huge mistake. Garner isn't afraid at laughing at herself . The actress has shared multiple of her mishaps. This week the star shared a funny video to her Instagram. In the clip, she explained that a Christmas...
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