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Jane Fonda

Jane Ronda Resurrects '80s Workout Videos

82-year old actress, Jane Fonda, is bringing back her 80's fitnes videos to help keep us in shape while we're working from home these days.
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Adam Schlesinger

Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger Dies of Coronavirus

Adam Schlesinger, one of the most talented songwriters of his generation, has died at the age of 52 due to comlications of the coronavirus.
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Grocery shopping

What's the Dumbest Product You Immediately Hoarded?

We all have one "guilty pleasure" item we're stocking up on...
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LIST: Most Aggressive States Against the Coronavirus

The most and aggressive states fighting the coronavirus as determined on several statistical factors.
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hand sanitizer

UPDATE: Men Who Hoarded Sanitizer Told To Donate to Charity

Authorities in Tennessee have stepped in to confiscate the stock of sanitizer and supplies hoarded and sold for profit on Amazon by a pair of men.
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Coronavirus sleep study

Reduce Your odds of Getting the Coronavirus While You Sleep

There are some common sense ways for you to fight off the coronavirus while you sleep.
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Coronavirus nurse

60K Coronavirus Patients Have Recovered, Within 2 to 6 Weeks

There is actually some good news with regard to the recovery of those who have been infected with the Coronavirus.
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Watch: How To Mentally Prepare For The Coronavirus

There are ways to prepare yourself and your family for the mental strain of the coronavirus.
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hand shaking

How to Politely Avoid a Handshake

Most of us are probably familiar with the standard coronavirus prevention advice: Wash your hands, avoid touching your face, regularly sanitize common surfaces like door handles, and wash your hands again. And, if you can, avoid handshakes.
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"Clueless" Returning to Theaters for 25th Anniversary

Clueless is coming back to theaters for a series of special 25th anniversary screenings
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