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Girl Scout Cookies

A New Flavor of Girl Scout Cookies Has Been Announced

Even though Girl Scout Cookies don't go on sale until early next year, they just announced a new flavor is coming. They're called Toast-Yays, and they look and taste like miniature pieces of French toast dipped in icing.
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Halloween Trees

People Are Already Setting Up Their "Halloween Trees"

It's mid-August and people are already setting up their "Halloween trees." That's where you put up your Christmas tree early, and cover it with Halloween decorations.
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POLL: 6 in 10 Parents Use Their Kids as Tech Support

A poll found 6 in 10 parents use their kids as tech support. And 20% of kids 14 and under would NEVER ask their parents for tech help, because they know they're clueless.
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Mac N Cheese

Kraft Is Trying to Make Macaroni-and-Cheese a Breakfast Food

A survey by Kraft found 56% of parents are letting their kids eat it for breakfast more often right now. So Kraft is embracing the idea by giving out special-edition boxes that say "Macaroni & Cheese BREAKFAST" instead of "Macaroni & Cheese Dinner."
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Stop Rinsing Your Dishes Before Putting Them In Dishwasher

According to a cleaning expert, you should stop rinsing dishes before you put them in the dishwasher . . . because that could make them wind up LESS clean. Modern dishwashers have sensors that determine how dirty the dishes are and adjust to match . . . so if your dishes LOOK clean when they aren't...
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St. Louis Cardinals

BREAKING Cards-Brewers Game postponed Today

Multiple sources confirm positive coronavirus tests with the St. Louis Cardinals have postponed their game against the Milwaukee Brewers later today.
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Woman with Dog

Do You Have a Human Name or a Dog Name?

Someone posted a list of over 20 names, and asked people to vote if each one works better for a person or a dog. A few "dog names" include Buddy, Ginger, Marley, and Bo. People thought Charlie, Sammy, and Lucy work better for people. And a few names that go both ways are Finn, Bailey, Max, and...
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LIST: The Weirdest Town Name in All 50 States

Someone came up with a list of the weirdest town name in all 50 states. A few favorites include Number Eight, Missouri, Booger Hole, West Virginia . . . Accident, Maryland . . . Dull, Ohio . . . Ding Dong, Texas . . . and Worms, Nebraska.
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Woma Eating

STUDY: Eat (mostly) Whatever You Want!

A new study found you can eat an INSANE amount of calories once in a while and it won't cause you long-term health problems. Our bodies can actually handle and process the extra burst of calories really well . . . as long as you don't do it too often.
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Spare Change

Banks Reporting Change Shortage Throughout U.S.

There's a severe change shortage in the U.S. due to the pandemic and some banks and retail outlets are taking drastic measures to make up for it.
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