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Southwest Airlines

Southwest announces $39 one-way flights this fall

If you're thinking about traveling at all over the next few months, Southwest Airlines has started it's annual fall fare sale with rates as low as $39.
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Late Night Fireworks Are a Big Problem These Days

Police say there are several reasons for the early use of fireworks this year, including people "letting off steam" after being cooped up over the last few months and the fact that firework stands in Missouri just opened last weekend.
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Man holds cat

Women Find Men Less Attractive When They're Holding a Cat

Women are less likely to 'swipe right' for men whose profile picture shows them cuddling a moggy - saying it makes them appear 'less masculine' and 'less dateable'.
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Parkmoor Drive-In

Parkmoor Drive-In To Reopen in Webster Groves

The legendary Parkmoor Drive-In is being "reimaged" and is set to open in Webster Groves before July 4th.
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Denny's Bacon Bouquet

Denny's Is Making Bacon Bouquets for Father's Day

Denny's is giving this offer out through Postmates from June 19 to June 21. All you'll have to do is spend a minimum of $25 at Denny's and you'll be eligible to add a bacon bouquet for no charge using the promo code "BACONBOUQUET."
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Annoyed by sounds

Chewing Sounds Drive You Crazy? You may have "Misophonia"

If the sounds of chewing and/or slurping drive you crazy, you're not alone. 20% of Americans are said to suffer from a condition known as misophonia.
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Washing Machine

VIRAL VIDEO: "Take On Me" Played On a Washing Machine

Aha's "Take on Me" gets the "washing machine" treatment, and the result is glorious.
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Memorial Day

57% of Americans Don't Know Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

57% of Americans don't know that Memorial Day is when we honor FALLEN members of the Armed Forces who died in service. And a third don't know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, when we honor ALL veterans.
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Birthday fail

SURVEY: Four Big Events We've Missed During Lockdown

The average person has missed four big events while on lockdown, and attended five virtual events. The most common events we've missed are birthdays, weddings, graduations, and baby showers.
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Five Things We've Failed at During Quarantine

A new study found the average person only lasted 12 days in lockdown before they tried to do something they'd normally pay for, like haircuts and pedicures.
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