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Driving vacation

65% of Us Are Planning Summer Getaways Due to Lockdown

65% of Americans say they're planning more road trips this year after being cooped up for the last few months. And 44% have used their time in lockdown to plan at least one trip.
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POLL: Our Most Common Nightmares

A poll found our most common nightmares are about being chased . . . falling . . . being attacked . . . running late for something . . . and being lost or trapped.
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Grocery shopping

U.S. Grocery Prices Experience Sharpest Increase Since 1974

The record setting jump in grocery prices came in a month when more than 20 million Americans lost their jobs, driving one in five households into food insecurity.
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Crestwood Plaza

GREG: The Perfect Location For a New Drive-In Theater

An empty, unused plot of land which use to be home to one of the biggest shopping malls in St. Louis, would be the perfect location for a brand new drive in theater.
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Mother's Day

Do Moms Want Hand Sanitizer as a Mother's Day Gift?

What does Mom want for Mother's Day? Nothing coronavirus related!
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Cinco de Mayo

It's Cinco de Mayo and People Are Stocking Up on Tequilla

This might be the most unique Cinco de Mayo in history.
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Murder Hornets

Something Called "Murder Hornets" Have Arrived in the U.S.

Murder Hornets, described as "like something out of a monster cartoon" have arrived in the U.S. for the first time ever.
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Shopping Mall

J. Crew Expected to File for Bankruptcy

J. Crew set to file for bankruptcy amid Coronavirus worries and slipping sales.
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Drive In Theater

Could High School Graduations Happen at Drive-Ins?

The Kansas City Public Schools are teamingh up with an area drive-in to insure that graduating seniors get the recognition they deserve.
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Cardinals and Cubs

MLB Planning 100-Game Schedule With 3 10-Team Divisions

The Cardinals, Cubs and Royals would all be in the same division under a new abbreviated 100 game league schedule proposed by MLB yesyerday
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