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Zoom Meeting

Do You Have "Zoom Fatigue"?

You're not imagining it---"Zoom Fatigue" is real and there are specific reasons why.
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Lion's Choice Pizza

A Lion's Choice Frozen Pizza is Now Available

The specialty pizza collaboration with 4 Hands Brewing and Mama Lucia’s hits Lion’s Choice stores just in time for pizza night
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Empty Golf Course

"Guerilla Golfers" Are Sneaking Onto Closed Courses

Golfers with no access to courses thhoughout the coronavirus quaratine are taking matters into their own hands.
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Sad Bulldog

Twitter Swoons Over "Sad" Bulldog named "Big Poppa"

Twitter has lost it's collective mind over a sad bulldog looking for a friend named "Big Poppa"
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Live Nation

Live Nation Introduces "Live From Home" Music Hub

Live Nation has introduced a live muisc hub to allow fans to watch their favorite artists from the comfort of home.
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Online classes

Five New Skills You Can Learn Online for Free Right Now

Why not learn a new skill during quarantine? is offering three months of free guitar lessons. Rosetta Stone has free language classes for students. And has a list of 450 free classes from Ivy League schools.
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Hair Clippers and supplies

Hair Clippers Are The Latest Coronavirus Panic Buy

Hair Clippers and supplies to help people cut their own hair are flying off the shelves.
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Greg makes a mask

GREG: How To Make Your Own Protective Mask

The CDC is asking us to make our own protective masks and I'm here to show you just how easy it us to do.
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Jane Fonda

Jane Ronda Resurrects '80s Workout Videos

82-year old actress, Jane Fonda, is bringing back her 80's fitnes videos to help keep us in shape while we're working from home these days.
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Adam Schlesinger

Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger Dies of Coronavirus

Adam Schlesinger, one of the most talented songwriters of his generation, has died at the age of 52 due to comlications of the coronavirus.
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