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2018 Voice of Caring: Community Living

Community Living, Inc. works to enrich the lives of people with disabilities so they can achieve their highest potential. We do this by providing children and adults with services and programs to allow them to live, learn and work in our community. In turn, they make our community inclusive,...
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Celebs with 'Regular' Jobs Before Becoming Famous

Even some of your favorite A-listers started out working "regular" jobs, according to BuzzFeed's list of celebs you probably didn't realize had regular jobs before they became famous. Here are just 10 who used to work average gigs before Hollywood came calling: Jon Hamm was a high-school drama...
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2018 Voice of Caring: Edwardsville Children’s Museum

The Edwardsville Children’s Museum’s mission is to stimulate curiosity and cultivate learning at the age of wonder! On a vacation to Gulfport, Mississippi in 1997 Carla Johnson and her family went to a recently opened children's museum. Her visit inspired her to open a children's museum in the...
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2018 Voice of Caring: Epworth Children & Family Services

Epworth Children & Family Services helps children, youth, and families move toward self-sufficiency by focusing on health, housing, education, and employment. For more than 150 years, Epworth Children and Family Services has provided the St. Louis community with essential youth development...
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Greg's "13 Most Interesting Player Names in Cardinals History"

With opening day upon us, it seems an appropriate time to dust off our list of the funniest, most interesting names in St. Louis Cardinals team history. We’re talking the modern era here, which discounts the likes of Mordecai “Three Fingers” Barnes , Bugs Raymond and the illustrious Tuck Stainback...
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Lottery for $10 'Hamilton' Tickets at The Fox Theatre Starts April 1

The term "hottest ticket in town " is now absolutely reserved...at least here in St. Louis anyway, for the run of "Hamilton' which begins April 3 at the Fox Theatre. Ticket prices range anywhere from $150-$625...per ticket, however 40 orchestra tickets will be sold for every performance for $10...
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St. Louis on American Idol and The Voice

It was awesome to see St. Louis represented on both The Voice and American Idol last night!! On The Voice Tish Haynes Keys sang Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools" and WOW! Fabulous!! Both Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine turned their chairs and it looked like Kelly might have been the obvious choice...
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This is Us

WATCH: Sterling K. Brown Hosts SNL this Weekend

Sterling K. Brown will host Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest James Bay. Most of you know him as Randall from "This is Us" and he's from St. Louis! Go Sterling!! (By the way, I'm still multiple episodes behind on "This Is Us" because I don't feel like crying right now. hahaha...
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Trish's Trash: Madonna & Kim K Teaming Up???

The morning after Kim Kardashian attended Madonna’s post-Oscars party on Sunday night, Madonna posted a pic of the pair while apparently revealing the they’re about to team up on a joint skincare line. Clad in a black lace bra, bustier, hot pants, and leather captain’s hat, Madonna bizarrely said...
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robot, flippy the robot

WATCH: Robot Gets Job at a Fast Food Chain

Caliburger,a fast food restaurant, in California has a new employee and it's a robot! They named it "Flippy." Flippy requires a human helper to put the patties on the grill and the robot then takes over. The company said Flippy uses thermal imaging, 3D and regular camera vision to sense when to...
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