PICS: Prince Harry & Prince William Release Family Christmas Cards

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are celebrating their first Christmas as husband and wife with a never-before-seen photo from their wedding earlier this year. "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to share a new photograph from their wedding reception at Frogmore House on May 19," Kensington...
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RUMOR: Kelly Clarkson Is Being Groomed to Take Over for Ellen DeGeneres Someday

Kelly Clarkson may have a bigger test ahead than originally planned, because as she’s preparing to launch her new daytime talk show, she will also be proving herself to possibly take over dancing duties for Ellen DeGeneres once the comedian calls it quits on her longtime show. Sources very familiar...
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LIST: The 100 Worst Passwords of 2018

SplashData is out with its list of the most common--read: worst--passwords of 2018, and a certain American president will be pleased to see that his first name made the list. Here are the 25 worst passwords of 2018. 123456 password 123456789 12345678 12345 111111 1234567 sunshine qwerty iloveyou...
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WATCH: American Idol Sets 2019 Return Date

The second season of the American Idol reboot has a confirmed return date: Sunday, March 3, 2019. The good news was shared by the show's judges on Twitter. A new journey begins Sunday March 3 on ABC! --✨ #AmericanIdol @LionelRichie @katyperry @LukeBryanOnline — American...
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Boy Scouts of America Looking into Filing for Bankruptcy

According to a new Wall Street Journal report, The Boy Scouts of America are facing some financial troubles. Sources tell the paper that the organization has retained the law firm Sidley Austin LLP "for assistance with a possible Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing." The WSJ also notes, however, that the...
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Walmart Workers Seek Owners of 64-Year-Old Love Letter

Workers at a Georgia Walmart are trying to find the owners of a 64-year-old love letter found on the floor of the store. Jennifer Hendrix, an employee at the Walmart store in Dalton, said a coworker named Dakota found the letter inside the store before he was deployed recently by the National Guard...
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Trish's Holly Cookie Recipe

Video: Trish's Holly Cookies with Schnucks

This is one of my favorite Christmas cookies to make and eat! My mom has been making these since I was little. It's super easy, really festive and yummy! It tastes like a rice crispy treat. Be sure to check out the schedule for the Schnucks cooking classes. You could get some great ideas for the...
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LIST: Netflix Most Binge-Watched Shows in 2018

Netflix has released a year-end review of the most binge-watched TV series for 2018. And by "most binge-watched" they mean the shows with "the highest average watch time per viewing session." Here's the top 10: 1. On My Block 2. Making a Murderer: Part 2 3. 13 Reasons Why: Season 2 4. Last Chance U...
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LIST: 10 Holiday-Related Phobias (& How to Avoid Them)

With Chirstmas getting closer, there are a lot of people dealing with phobias triggered by the holiday spirit. According to Mental Floss, here are 10 of them (and how to deal): Chionophobia. The fear of snow. Best relieved by: Staying in. Doronophobia. The fear of receiving-and opening-presents...
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A Woman Got Her City to Fix a Pothole by Putting a Christmas Tree in It

Do this any other month of the year and you get fined for reckless endangerment. But in December, it's just festive problem-solving . . . A massive pothole recently opened up in the middle of a street in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. (Pronounced Wilks Berry) And people in the neighborhood reported it...
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