Van Lorenz

Credit: Desmond Bryant, Entercom St. Louis

Van Lorenz

Weekdays 3PM To 7PM

I've been in St Louis Radio since the pre-digital age, but there's no need to go into ancient history!  The ten years prior to KEZK I hosted mornings or afternoons on WARH 106.5 the Arch, and the ten years prior to that I was heard on WVRV 101 The River. 

So far as what I like to do, music has always been at the top of the list.  Live music at concerts and clubs will always get me out of my seat.  When I'm not playing music on the radio, I'm playing it on the piano, in my man cave, or in the car... really loud.  I can honestly say I like ALL kinds of music.  But the kind I get to play on KEZK is especially sweet.  I was made for this job!

My wife Joan is a microbiologist and we are proud parents and grandparents.  We live in SOHA... the Southampton neighborhood of south city.  

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