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WATCH: '80s-themed American Horror Story trailer reveals slasher suspect

(KEZK) — A new trailer for season nine of "American Horror Story" confirms our previous suspicions of it having an '80s slasher-film vibe. In this season, aptly named "1984," we're taken to Camp Redwood, where we can assume the slashing will go down. The recent trailer features two scenes in which...
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'Gremlins' returns in TV series

(KEZK) — Everyone's favorite "cute" creatures are back in a new TV series adaptation of the 1984 feature film, "Gremlins." "Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai" will serve as a prequel to the original movie and its 1990 sequel . Set in Shanghai in the 1920s, the 10-episode series reveals the story of...
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American Horror Story season 9 takes it back to the best decade of all

Ryan Murphy strikes again and has plans to go back to the best decade yet. What we can gather from the new trailer is that season nine of American Horror Story will be based in the '80s — specifically 1984. And just in case you're wondering why Murphy chose the particular year of 1984 for the title...
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11 Things People Did in the '80s

Remember mix tapes, phone books and sunglasses at night? Several Twitter users do, as evidenced by their responses to the #InThe80sWe hashtag, several of which are listed below: #InThe80sWe had no Caller ID. We had to answer the phone without a damned clue who could be on the other end. It was...
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The Most Popular '80s Movie In Each State

What is the MOST popular '80s movie in each state? Well, a website examed lists of top '80s films and Google search results from the past year, and it came up with some fascinating findings... The most popular '80s movie in Illinois is "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", and the most popular '80s movie in...
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