Hatty the support dog sworn in to help young survivors of sex abuse

CHICAGO (AP) — It was a real dog of a ceremony this week during a swearing-in at the state’s attorney’s office in Chicago. The newly sworn-in worker is a Labrador retriever named Hatty. The 2-year-old will work on a 9-to-5 human schedule. But she’s being asked to work like a dog, to just do what...
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St. Louis man plans protest against Drag Queen Storytime

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) - One of the most popular events to take place at the St. Louis Public Library is their Drag Queen Storytime events. However, this year a protest is being organized on facebook. According to the Facebook description for the protest, "children with gender dysphoria haven’t been '...
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kids using phones

Police: Child predators are using these 15 apps to target children

(KEZK) — As technology such as smart devices have permeated nearly all aspects of our daily lives, precautions about best practices have also followed. Recently the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office in Florida arrested 25 men who were lurking on the internet with the intent to engage in sexually...
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Illinois Mom Busted For Driving While Kids Sat in Inflatable Pool on Top of Car

(KEZK) - A 49-year-old Illinois woman won't be winning any 'mother of the year' awards. Jennifer A. Janus Yeagerwas arrested Tuesday afternoon after authorities say she was spotted driving down Illinois Route 2 in Dixon with her two kids riding in an inflatable pool on top of her SUV. Police says...
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family with dog

5 ways family pets positively affect your children

(KEZK) — Parents that are considering adding a dog or cat to their family could be making a positive impact on their child. Here are five ways how: Having to care for a pet helps a child build a sense of responsibility and helps them build confidence. Caring for a pet can also teach a child about...
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lady with baby holding phone

Could your kids sue you for oversharing online?

(KEZK) — Do parents who post pictures on social media of everything their child does have to fear a lawsuit for overexposure when their kid becomes an adult? Probably not. An expert who specializes in cyber law told the Huffington Post there is a parent-child immunity doctrine that says a child...
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Avengers celebrities donate $5M to sick children

'Avengers' combine forces, donate $5M to seriously ill children

By JONATHAN LANDRUM, Jr. AP Entertainment Writer ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Some of Marvel's top Avengers have assembled to support a $5 million donation to benefit seriously ill children in hospitals around the globe. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd and...
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Baby Shark

There's No Stopping "Baby Shark", as the Song Swims Into the Billboard Chart

It's already a hit, and it will live in your ears for eternity
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