You've Been Eating Chocolate Wrong

According to Delish/Chocolate Fetish, most of us have been eating chocolate wrong, so, here are four ways to get it right and make it taste better: 1. Stop chewing it so much. You'll taste it more if you press it up on the roof of your mouth and let it dissolve by sucking on it. 2. Stop eating it...
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Wendy's restaurant

LOOK: Ghirardelli teams up with Wendy's for a sweet treat

(KEZK) — Wendy's frostys are leveling up with the new Wendy's Frosty Cookie Sundae featuring Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and cookie chunks. We’ve teamed up with @Wendys to bring you something delicious! Try Wendy’s new Frosty Cookie Sundae topped with rich and decadent #Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce...
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NEW: Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallows Make S'mores Easier

Making the perfect s’more can be a bit tricky as you juggle a piece of graham cracker, a chocolate bar and a flaming hot marshmallow on a stick. There’s a new product that makes it easier and it’s a chocolate-stuffed marshmallow. The chocolate will melt on the inside as the marshmallow is roasted...
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easter candy

Here are the top 8 WORST Easter candies

On Twitter Tuesday, Taste of Country asked followers to name their least favorite type of Easter candy. Worst #Easter candy?? — Taste of Country (@TasteOfCountry) April 18, 2019 The most popular response — and it wasn't even close — was Peeps , but here are the eight worst: Peeps Jelly beans White...
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New Candy Flavors: Reese's Cups With Extra Peanut Butter or Chocolate; Hazelnut M&M's

There are some major changes coming to your favorite candies this spring!
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Wine tasting event by happy people concept.

QUIZ: Test Your Wine Knowledge!

Let's see how well you really know what you drink!
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11th Annual KEZK Wine & Chocolate

Wine & Chocolate returns to The Foundry Art Centre, Friday, March 8th from 6p-10p! Hosted by 102.5 KEZK, the 11th annual Wine and Chocolate will once again feature an exclusive opportunity to sample products from the finest chocolatiers and vineyards, while enjoying various product booths and...
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Costco's $30 Valentine's Day Chocolate Tower Comes With Over a Pound of Chocolate

Leave it to Costco to ascribe to the "bigger is better" philosophy when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. The big box store, which has given us such massive wonders as the seven-pound Nutella jar and 27-pound doomsday mac & cheese bucket, is now selling a behemoth of a chocolate set. Rocky...
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Hershey's Kisses

The First New Hershey's Kisses Holiday Flavor in 10 Years Is...

Hershey's Kisses just announced their first new holiday flavor in 10 years . . . since they created Candy Cane Kisses in 2008. And the flavor is . . . Hot Cocoa. So how are those different than regular chocolate Hershey's Kisses? They have marshmallow cream swirled in. They'll hit stores on...
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Snickers Has Three New Flavors

SNICKERS® three new limited edition Intense Flavors – Espresso, Fiery and Salty & Sweet – are now available in stores nationwide. Each bar features peanuts and caramel covered in milk chocolate, with a bold new flavor twist – espresso, chili pepper or salt-infused. The new flavors will join the...
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