Christmas Presents

USPS Deadlines for Holiday Shipping

Sending a package this holiday season? Make sure you get it to the post office in time.
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Half Christmas Trees

"Half Christmas Trees" Are On Sale Again This Year

Half-Christmas Trees" are a thing again this holiday season
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Fall Tree

People Are Putting Up Their Christmas Trees Already as "Fall Trees"

There's a new trend where people are ALREADY putting up their Christmas trees . . . but they're decorating them with things like leaves and pumpkins to make them "fall Christmas trees."
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Leap year 2020: Major holidays are on Friday's, Saturday's this year

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) - If you take a look ahead at the holiday calendar in 2020, you'll see a lot of big days for celebrating that fall on the weekend. This year is a leap year, which means February will be 29 days instead of 28 and 366 days as opposed to 365. That extra 24 hours has pushed holidays...
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christmas, warm

Near Record-Breaking Warm Temperatures Expected On Christmas Day In St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) - You might want to pull out the cooler, BBQ grill and lawn chairs on Christmas Day if you're in the St. Louis area because near record-high temperatures are being predicted this holiday.
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NASA lights

PHOTOS: Holiday Lights Are Brightening The Night Across The Globe

(KEZK) - New stunning images from NASA show how holiday lights brighten the nights of cities all over the globe. NASA researchers found that nighttime lights in the United States shine 20 to 50 percent brighter in December due to holiday light displays and other activities during Christmas and New...
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'Elf'-Themed Pop-Up Bar Opens With Buddy's Breakfast Spaghetti

Chicago establishment Stretch Bar & Grill has brought back its ‘Elf’d Up’ pop-up bar, inspired by the classic Will Ferrell holiday film, where visitors can order Buddy the Elf’s sugary breakfast spaghetti.
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6 Holiday Sangria Recipes You Need for Your Winter Gathering

Sangria is always festive. The wine-based punch, filled with sliced fruit and delicious vino, is always a crowd-pleaser. But combine the Spanish concoction with seasonal holiday ingredients and you get a superior Christmas punch perfect to wash down all those holiday goodies with. Celebrate...
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Thankful over holidays

7 in 10 Americans Are Feeling "Grateful" This Holiday Season

With the holidays upon us, a new poll finds that most Americans are feeling grateful--and some are also feeling stressed.
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Master Gunny Claus Ordered Back to Active Duty by Marines

Here's proof that Santa Claus is a Marine. Headquarters Marine Corps has issued orders recalling Master Gunny Sgt. S. Claus to active duty, with a RNLTD (report no later than date) of Dec. 24. According to the orders, the Master Gunny has several aliases, including Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, and...
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