toxic blue-green algae in Missouri

PHOTOS: Toxic blue-green algae found in Missouri can harm pets

(KEZK) — The alert over toxic blue-green algae is spreading after the three dogs died after going for swims. Toxic blue-green algae can be found all over the U.S. — including Missouri. spoke with Lynn Milberg, the Water Quality Monitoring Section Chief for Missouri Department of...
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Aldi Releases Ice Cream for Dogs

Aldi announced that Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream will hit shelves later this month, according to Delish . The frozen dog treats will retail for $3 and include four individual tubs. It will come in two gluten-free varieties: Original and Cheese & Bac’n. It will hit shelves on June 26th. It will...
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A dog watching a movie with popcorn

You Can Bring Your Dog and Drink Unlimited Wine at This Movie Theater

If you hate people talking during movies, what about barking? A new dog-friendly movie theater has opened in Texas and not only can you bring your four-legged friend, but you can also throwback endless amounts of wine. Depending on your feelings, this is either the most amazing thing ever or a...
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Rescue Dogs Get the Royal Treatment at Adorable Puppy Prom

Prom season is for the dogs, literally! 55 adopted pooches put on their royal best to celebrate the Helen Woodward Animal Center‘s 7th Annual Puppy Prom, according to People . The San Diego animal rescue throws the event to honor all the dogs that have recently found homes with their new owners. On...
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Spencer the Boston Marathon dog

WATCH: Dog waves 'Boston Strong' flag for marathon runners every year since 2015

BOSTON, Mass. (KEZK) — Since 2015, the Boston Marathon has been attended by a very, very good boy. Spencer is a golden retriever who has been supporting runners of the annual marathon through rain or shine. He went viral last year when his owner Rich Powers shared a video of him out in the cold,...
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Survey finds key to happiness has four furry legs and wet nose

Politics and religion are often hotly debated topics, as is this one. Are dogs or cats better? That question may never be answered, but one may make you happier over the other, a recent study revealed. “Dog owners are about twice as likely as cat owners to say they’re ‘very happy,’” according to...
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POLL: Most Popular Puppy Names of 2019

Trupanion, a provider of medical insurance for pets, recently collected data on the most popular puppy names using a database of 500,000 dogs. Here are the 10 most popular names for 2019, as published by Mental Floss: 1. Luna 2. Bella 3. Charlie 4. Bailey 5. Lucy 6. Cooper 7. Max 8. Daisy 9. Bear...
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Your Dog Changes Over Time, and Becomes More Like You

A new study from Michigan State University found that dogs' personalities change over time, and in many cases, they actually take on the big personality traits of their owners. According to Daily Mail, the researchers were surprised by the results, who said, "We expected the dogs' personalities to...
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How Dog Lovers Spot Red Flags in Their Dates

A new survey in Yahoo News found two-thirds of dog owners say their dog plays a huge part in their relationships, and 57% wouldn't date someone their dog didn't like. The survey also found people use their dog to spot red flags. Here are the top ten ways... 1. The person is jealous over the...
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Why Don't the Most Popular Dog Breeds Ever Win the Westminster Dog Show?

The most popular dog breeds in the U.S. are Labradors, German shepherds, golden retrievers, French bulldogs, and bulldogs - all of them big-time losers at the Westminster Dog Show. As The New York Times reports, no Labrador, golden retriever or French bulldog has ever won Westminster's Best in Show...
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