Why It's Dangerous to Hold Your Phone While Running

If you’re the type of person who holds their phone while out for a jog, an expert claims you should stop it. The decision may make sense, but facts prove it may be a bad idea. Metro UK spoke with a running expert who warned people that this might lead to a shoulder or hip injury. UK Athletics...
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Eat Good to Feel Great with Trish Gazall & Schnucks!

Eating healthy isn’t an all-or-nothing approach. The key is trying to find balance, in your life and in your diet and that's where Schnucks is here to help you! During the month of January stop by your local Schnucks and pick up a Simply Slim magazine that has over 40 recipes that are quick, tasty...
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6 Ways to Burn at Least 200 Calories an Hour

Time to hop off that treadmill and burn a few calories somewhere else. If you're trying to get some weight off in the new year, here are some not-too-grueling activities that can burn 200 calories in under an hour . . . 1. Going for a leisurely walk. It burns 204 calories an hour, on average. 2...
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Cher Reveals Her Fitness Secret

Cher credits Zumba for helping her look so good at the age of 72. "It’s kinda nerdy, but I love it," she tells Extra. The singer also shares that she also uses a Power Plate and does "two or three minutes every day" of planking. Video of Cher Reveals Her Fitness Secret: ‘It’s Kinda Nerdy’ According...
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Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg's Daily Schedule Is Intense, and Early

Mark Wahlberg shared the details of his daily schedule with his Instagram followers, and it's definitely interesting. His "typical daily schedule" begins when he wakes up at 2:30 A.M. Then, he has some time blocked off for prayer . . . and by 3:15, he's having breakfast. His first workout is...
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Yoga at Kiener Plaza

Video: Get Fit at Kiener Plaza this Spring & Summer

Here's the perfect way to kick start your mornings! This summer, Yoga Buzz is teaming up with CityArchRiver to host FREE yoga classes in downtown St. Louis. Join Yoga Buzz Instructor Jamie Austin for a rise and shine flow at the new Kiener Plaza! Jamie will lead you through an hour-long, all levels...
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