St. Louis Lebanese Festival

St. Louis Lebanese Festival Curbside Pick-up

Curbside pick up and pre-ordering only for St. Louis Lebanese Festival at St. Raymond's.
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(Photo provided/9 Mile Garden)

Affton's 9 Mile Garden announces 30 food trucks will serve customers

AFFTON, Mo. (KEZK) — Missouri's first food truck garden will have 30 food trucks serving customers in Affton starting this spring. Here's the complete lineup of food trucks that will be serving you: Balkan Treat Box Farmtruk Seoul Taco Guerilla Street Food Doggie Mac’s Sugarfire 64 Essentially...
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Mountain Dew Body Wash Exists and Allows You to Bathe in Soda

If you’ve ever dreamt of lathering up your body in the citrusy goodness of Mountain Dew soda, well, your dream is coming true. While the name “Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast” might sound like a new offering at Taco Bell, the PepsiCo product is intended to turn your shower or bath into a fizzy...
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6 Holiday Sangria Recipes You Need for Your Winter Gathering

Sangria is always festive. The wine-based punch, filled with sliced fruit and delicious vino, is always a crowd-pleaser. But combine the Spanish concoction with seasonal holiday ingredients and you get a superior Christmas punch perfect to wash down all those holiday goodies with. Celebrate...
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Over One-Quarter Of Americans Are Considering A Meat-Free Thanksgiving

(KEZK) - There could be far fewer turkeys on the table this Thursday, as a new survey reveals that over one-quarter of Americans are considering a meat-free Thanksgiving. According to results shared by vegan brand The Meatless Farm , 28.6 percent of the 1,050 asked would be willing to skip the bird...
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St Louis Native Will Appear On ABC's "The Great American Baking Show"

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) - St Louis Native, Sarita Gelner, will appear on the fifth season of ABC's "The Great American Baking Show" which airs in December. This is the American version of "The Great British Bake Off" with judges Paul Hollywood and Sherry Yard. Sarita is the local food blogger behind...
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RECIPE: Trish's Little Party Pizza's on Rye

Need a recipe for the holiday's? I'm breaking out the Little Party Pizza recipe. We have debated this topic on the radio and Facebook. I thought EVERYONE in St. Louis had at one time enjoyed the Little Party Pizza's on rye. But GASP, there were a lot of people that had never heard of them!! Go...
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What If You Were A Millionaire?

A survey of 55 millionaires in Business Insider asked what are the things they splurge on. Here's the top five: 1. Travel. 60% said they splurged on travel, which was almost twice as many mentions as anything else in the survey. 2. Food. 35% mentioned it and included eating out and cooking at home...
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Food Truck Garden coming to St. Louis this Spring

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) - St. Louis is getting its first Food Truck Garden this upcoming spring. We're excited to announce that Missouri's first food truck garden is coming to St. Louis in Spring 2020! Expect the best local food trucks, weekly live music and outdoor movies, and more. All at 9375 Gravois...
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Bon Appé-feet: Photo of 'Feetloaf' Halloween dish goes viral

(KEZK) - If you're looking for a way to make a common meal exciting again this Halloween look no further than the "Feetloaf." A photo of the dish recently posted on Twitter went viral with reactions to what looks like a pair of size-10 feet hacked off at the ankle bone. The Tweet from @...
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