Bryan Cranston

Watch: Bryan Cranston Makes Major Morning Routine Mistake

Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston is definitely having a "bad day". He shared on Instagram that while he was traveling in Iceland he made a pretty big morning routine mistake. Instead of brushing his teeth with what he thought was toothpaste, he actally happened to pick up his athlete's foot cream...
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Viral Video: High School Cow Dance Routine

These girls really have some moo-ves! The Hallsville Bobcat Belles have gone viral for their incredible “novelty dance” routine where each member dressed as a cow and performed to different “cow-ish” songs like “Proud to be a Cow” from Sesame Street, and, of course, “Milkshake” by Kelis. Video of...
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Figure Skating

VIDEO: 80s Olympic Freestyle Skate

If you are loving the Olympic ice skating then Javier Fernández past freestyle performance should put you in the mood for tonight's events! Fernández performed this freestyle leading up to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Too funny and very entertaining!
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Mechanical Bull

Video: Woman Loses Her Wig on a Mechanical Bull

Note to self: don't wear your wig while riding a bull. A woman was riding a mechanical bull at a Super Bowl party in Los Angeles on Sunday. And all was well until the bull kicked it up a notch, and her wig came flying off. Video of Hairy Ride on a Mechanical Bull || ViralHog
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Viral Video: Kid Is Not a Fan of Jingle Bells

Wow! The first two notes of Jingle Bells and this kid is out!
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