Snickers Will Give Away 1 Million Candy Bars if the Date of Halloween is Changed

( WDZH ) -- This isn’t a trick — Snickers has pledged to give away 1 million candy bars if the official date of Halloween is changed to the last Saturday in October. A petition to change the date of Halloween has picked up over 100,000 signatures. This week, it also earned the support of some of...
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Should Halloween Date Be Moved?

( WBBM NEWSRADIO ) -- There's a push to make Halloween a "safer, longer, stress-free celebration." A Change.org petition to change the date of Halloween is continuing to grow, nearing its goal of 75,000 signatures. The Halloween & Costume Association started the national petition last year on...
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Winner of World Pumpkin Weigh-Off with 2027-Pound Pumpkin

On Sunday in Clarence, New York, Karl Haist won the annual World Pumpkin Weigh-Off with a gourd that tipped the scales at 2,027 pounds. As The Buffalo News notes , that broke the previous state record for heaviest pumpkin--a 1,971-pounder which won last year's event--and earned Haist, a two-time...
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Southampton Neighborhood in St Louis Really Gets Into Halloween

While on a walk with Kevin the Greyhound this morning, we passed this thing in a coffin AND IT STARTED TALKING! It definitely freaked me out more than Kevin. He realized right away that it posed no threat. After a while, my heart rate returned to normal. Isn't it a little early for a zombie...
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12 Nostalgic Things About Fall That Will Make You Smile

As the weather starts to get cooler in the Northern Hemisphere, Elite Daily has compiled this list of 12 things about autumn that are sure to make you nostalgic. Here they are: Back to school shopping. Going back to school was a great excuse to buy new clothes. Oh, to be back in school. Walking on...
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Christmas on the Beach

This Is the Best Time to Book Your Holiday Flights

This Saturday is the first day of fall, and yet it feels like Christmas will be here next week right? Well when planning for the holidays, travel is a big part of the hustle and bustle. So how do you know when is the best time to book your flight for Thanksgiving and Christmas? According to travel...
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Halloween Sweaters

Halloween 'Ugly Sweaters' Are Finally Becoming a Thing

Isn't the fun of Halloween the dressing up part? Well if there’s any day where one should strive to be as ugly as possible it’s gotta be Halloween, right? Well, it seems the folks over at HalloweenCostumes.com would agree with that, as they’ve just unleashed a brand new line of Ugly Halloween...
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 Stifel Theatre Haunted Tours

Haunted History Tours at Stifel Theatre

Experience the history of Stifel Theatre (formerly Peabody Opera House) this Halloween with a Haunted History Tour! Stifel Theatre is partnering once again with the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society to present Haunted History Tours on Wednesday, October 31! This special Halloween experience...
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Micheal Myers, Jamie Lee Curtis

Michael Myers Is Back in Newest 'Halloween' Trailer

Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago. Master of horror John Carpenter executive produces and...
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Jamie Lee Curtis Meets "Halloween" Fan Who Survived Home Invasion

During a Friday appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego, Jamie Lee Curtis met a fan who credited his survival in a real-life home invasion to the Halloween films. The man recalled that a stranger broke into his home and cut his phone line. "I was scared out of my mind and out of nowhere this thought...
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