WATCH: 5-year-old Calls 911 for McDonald's & Cop Brings It!!

A 5-year-old in Wyoming got a very special delivery last week when he called 911 asking someone to bring him McDonald's--and a cop actually did. Kent County officer Dan Patterson was dispatched to the call's location just to make sure everything was all right after Izaiah Hall managed to place his...
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St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina (4) hits a one run double off of Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitcher Robbie Ray

Registration Now Open for 15th Annual Cardinals Kids Clinics

Registration is now open for the 15th annual St. Louis Cardinals Alumni Kids Clinics presented by Nike and Sports Water. Each year, Cardinals Alumni Kids Clinics provide kids ages 7-13 with an opportunity to learn baseball fundamentals from former Cardinals players and coaches at a variety of...
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Why Video Games Make Kids Melt Down, and What to Do About It

Any parent who lets their kids play video games before bedtime has probably had to cope with a pre-sleep meltdown (or 100). As The Wall Street Journal explains, kids don't have the neurological capacity to stop doing a rewarding activity and move on to something less fun. "Pulling the plug in the...
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The Key to Your Kid Doing Well in School

The key to your kid doing well in school might be as simple as spending time with them. According to a new study out of Ohio State University, the kids who are likely to be successful in school have parents who take the time to help them with their homework. The researchers say that parental...
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Gifts Kids Are Asking For This Year

A new survey in SWNS asked 2,000 parents what their kids have been asking for this year. 1. Computer games. 2. Legos. 3. Clothes, especially older kids. 4. Books. 5. Phone. 6. Video game consoles. 7. Board games. 8. iPads and tablets. 9. Laptop. 10. DVDs and digital movies. A few classic Christmas...
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Kids at Christmas

The Top Ten Types of Gifts Kids Are Asking for in 2018

A new gift-giving survey asked 2,000 parents what their kids have been asking for this year. And the top ten categories aren't quite as dominated by tech stuff as we expected . . . only six of them are tech-related. Here's the list . . . 1. Computer games. 2. Legos. 3. Clothes. Especially for older...
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WATCH: Toddler Shreds Over $1000 of Parents Money

For months, Ben and Jackie Beinap had been saving up cash to pay back Ben's parents for season tickets to University of Utah football. They finally got the $1,060 they needed and placed it in an envelope, but then it mysteriously disappeared. They scoured their home until Jackie realized the cash...
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1970s student

Kids From the 1970s Had Some Adorable Ideas for the Year 1999

It's always fun as a kid to imagine what the future will be like! And if you were a child of the 70s, and we told you that their is an entire computer in your telephone you'd probably say we're crazy! But here we are. Well one newspaper published a cute story from two kids in Reynoldsville,...
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Trish shops at Schnucks with "Recipe Stops"

Back-to-School Lunches Made Easy with Schnucks 'Recipe Stops'

It was so fun to team up with my friend, Jill Devine from Y98, for this Back To School video with Schnucks! Video of Back-to-School Lunches Made Easy with Schnucks 'Recipe Stops' It's Back To School time and you can have some fun with recipes and ideas from Schnucks. Make sure to...
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Sterling K Brown

Sterling K. Brown "Optimistic" About Joining the Cast of "Frozen 2"

Sterling K. Brown has addressed rumors that he's been cast in the upcoming Frozen sequel. "Oh wow, what can I say, in negotiations right now. [I'm> feeling optimistic," he tells Entertainment Tonight. "There's a new character they want to introduce that I kind of auditioned for, and it would be an...
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