Meg Ryan

Behind the Scenes in Iconic Romantic Comedies

Entertainment Weekly just published a list of things that ALMOST happened in iconic romantic comedies. Here are five ot them. 1. "Serendipity" almost didn't have a happy ending. In the original script, John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale didn't end up together. When the writer showed it to a friend,...
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Meg Confirms Engagement to John

Yesterday, Meg Ryan took to Instagram to confirm her engagement to John Mellencamp with a simple "Engaged". The two have dated off and on for the last seven years. Ryan was married to Dennis Quaid for ten years. She turns 57 later this month. The 67-year-old Mellencamp has been married three times...
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What Romantic Comedy Are They Watching?

They're watching the best romantic comedy of all time, "When Harry Met Sally." A list of the top romantic comedies is in "Vanity Fair" and Meg Ryan stars in numbers 1 AND 2! Her "When Harry Met Sally" co-star was Billy Crystal, and Meg starred in "You've Got Mail" with Tom Hanks. Hit
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