snacks on shelves

10 snacks you'll only remember if you're a GenXer

(KEZK) — Take a trip down memory lane, er, the snack aisle, and reminisce on all these oldies but oh so goodies. 1. Mug-o-Lunch Like if you remember this! #MugOLunch #Food #Mix #BettyCrocker #MacaroniAndCheese #SpaghettiAndSauce #BeefNoodlesAndGravy #Throwback #70s #80s A post shared by...
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80s nostalgia

11 Things People Did in the '80s

Remember mix tapes, phone books and sunglasses at night? Several Twitter users do, as evidenced by their responses to the #InThe80sWe hashtag, several of which are listed below: #InThe80sWe had no Caller ID. We had to answer the phone without a damned clue who could be on the other end. It was...
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80s Walkman

Man Collected Over 40,000 Items of '80s Memorabilia

We love the 80s, but this man may have us beat! J.P. Annunziato has collected an enormous ’80s collection — more than 40,000 items — which took him over 10 years to gather. If you had an '80s toy you couldn't live without, most likely Annunziato has it! According to Yahoo Lifestyle , his collection...
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Necco Wafers

Necco Wafers To Go Out Of Business

Necco Wafers may not be delicious, but they're going through a MASSIVE surge of popularity right now anyway.
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