Yelling At Dogs Can Cause Them Long-Term Trauma, Study Says

Losing your cool when training your pup is not only mean, but it can also affect your pet. A distressing new study asserts that screaming at your dog and other types of negative reinforcement can leave lasting adverse effects on their mental health, reported People . Yelling at Dogs Has Negative,...
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Tips to Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Halloween may be scary fun for people, but it can be just plain scary for pets. And not only that. It can actually be dangerous. Between unfamiliar noises including strangers coming to the door, even the most chilled out of animals can become frightened and behave atypically. In fact, both...
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toxic blue-green algae in Missouri

PHOTOS: Toxic blue-green algae found in Missouri can harm pets

(KEZK) — The alert over toxic blue-green algae is spreading after the three dogs died after going for swims. Toxic blue-green algae can be found all over the U.S. — including Missouri. spoke with Lynn Milberg, the Water Quality Monitoring Section Chief for Missouri Department of...
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Cats Know Their Name and Ignore You Anyway: Study

If you ever thought your cat was being aloof because it didn’t know its own name when you called them then you are in for quite the shock. A new study has found that our feline friends can actually distinguish their names from other sounds, so your kitty may just be ignoring you when you call for...
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Raising Cane's covers Stray Rescue adoption fees for August

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) — If you've been contemplating adopting a furry friend lately, August might be the month to do it. Local animal shelter Stray Rescue of St. Louis recently revealed that this month, adoption fees for dogs and cats older than 6 months have been covered thanks to a donation from...
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Police Replace Parking Ticket Fees With Donations For Shelter Pets

(KEZK) - Having to pay a parking ticket isn't fun, but what might take the sting out a little bit is knowing the funds go directly to a pet-friendly cause. One city's scofflaws didn't mind as much when shelling out. Kicking off a pilot program to help fund a local animal shelter, police in Muncie,...
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Bulldog swallows 19 pacifiers whole, is surprisingly fine

BOSTON (AP) — A Boston veterinary hospital got quite a surprise recently when a family brought in their bulldog after he stopped eating. The Angell Animal Medical Center found 19 baby pacifiers in the dog’s stomach. Video of MA: BULLDOG SWALLOWS 19 BABY PACIFIERS - CNN It started in April when the...
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Aldi Releases Ice Cream for Dogs

Aldi announced that Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream will hit shelves later this month, according to Delish . The frozen dog treats will retail for $3 and include four individual tubs. It will come in two gluten-free varieties: Original and Cheese & Bac’n. It will hit shelves on June 26th. It will...
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family with dog

5 ways family pets positively affect your children

(KEZK) — Parents that are considering adding a dog or cat to their family could be making a positive impact on their child. Here are five ways how: Having to care for a pet helps a child build a sense of responsibility and helps them build confidence. Caring for a pet can also teach a child about...
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Donkey on highway

WATCH: Illinois police rescue donkey from highway

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (KEZK) — Police rescued a donkey from highway 90 Wednesday morning and it was recorded on an officer's body camera. The donkey, named Dusty, was returned to its owner, who had just bought the animal. The latch on the trailer it was in apparently was unsecured. "That's a...
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