Battle of the Slices

Calling all pizza lovers! Feast Magazine is hosting the second annual Battle of the Slices event on Thursday, September 12th from 6pm-9pm at the Boulevard in Richmond Heights. Sample from 14 of your favorite pizza places like Pickleman’s, Lena’s Pizza, Mellow Mushroom, Felix’s Pizza, Dough Boys,...
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These New Frozen Pizzas Are So Unbelievably Perfect For St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) - 4 Hands Brewing Co. and Mama Lucia’s have partnered up to deliver a new variety of frozen pizzas that are the most St. Louis-style pizzas you've ever seen. There are seven varieties available including Red Hot Riplets Chicken Pizza, Mission Taco Joint Mexican Pizza, City Wide BBQ...
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Is Cutting Back on Fatty Foods Really a Good Idea?

According to a new study out of Denmark, cutting back on fatty foods might actually be bad for you because you might replace them with foods that are high in refined starches and sugars - which are worse for you. The study published in the New York Post also says foods that are high in fat usually...
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Order Imo's Today and it Benefits Charity!

Order from any Imo's today (April 10th) and part of the proceeds go to charity! All 100 Imo's Pizza locations with donate 10 percent of all sales to Variety the Children's Charity of St. Louis. Variety has been helping children with physical and developmental disabilities reach the full potential...
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One 18-Inch Pizza is More Than Two 12-Inch Pizzas

It's true. If we're talking round pizza, one 18-incher has more goodness than two 12-inchers. Let's do the pizza geometry. An area of a circle is pi (3.14) times the radius squared, right? So, an 18-inch pizza is 254 square inches of pizza, while the two 12-inch varieties add up to just 226 square...
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This Is Officially America’s Favorite Food

A recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll posed this thought-provoking question to Americans across the country. More than 2,000 U.S. adults responded, and the results were enlightening. Yes, the single food that most Americans would want to eat for the rest of their lives is pizza! It beat out...
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Get Paid to Eat Pizza!!!

Want to get paid for eating pizza??? Ooni, makers of outdoor, portable pizza ovens, has announced that they’re hiring 10 pizza testers from a range of pizza-making backgrounds to test their ovens, new products, and recipes. Compensation varies from $300 to $1000 per day. They are hiring a number of...
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Mellow Mushroom

Second Mellow Mushroom Location Has Been Announced!

Calling all hippes and pizza lovers! According to KSDK , the newest Mellow Mushroom location will be in Cottleville on Mid Rivers Mall Drive across the Community College. If you are unfamiliar with Mellow Mushroom it is an eclectic restaurant chain that has stone-baked pizzas to order in an unique...
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The "FREE PIZZA" portion of this sign definitely caught my eye. After discussing the fine print with my wife, we're going to stay put. But, it's a nice house. If you're interested, it's in the 5200 block of Murdoch in SOHA.
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BATTLE OF THE SLICES - The Perfect Event for Pizza Lovers

STL pizza lovers will have a unique opportunity to taste ALL styles of pizza in one place - Battle of the Slices. The Boulevard in Richmond Heights is the place on Thursday, August 16th when St Louis' pizza chefs present their prized pizza by the slice. Admission is just $25 and there's $35 VIP...
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