PICS: Topless, unconscious woman dragged by MO man is revealed to be life-sized doll

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri authorities say a shirtless man reportedly dragging a topless, unconscious woman through downtown Kansas City was actually lugging around a life-size doll. Police said in a tweet that callers reported Tuesday that the man looked like he wanted to throw the woman...
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Mom Was Shocked After Finding Out Her Baby Formula Was Mixed With Flour

(KEZK) - Police are investigating reports of sick kids who ate baby formula that was allegedly replaced with flour. One woman said she didn't realize it until after her child was crying, vomiting and refusing her bottle, according to North Carolina news reports . WCNC reported, the mother of a nine...
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kids using phones

Police: Child predators are using these 15 apps to target children

(KEZK) — As technology such as smart devices have permeated nearly all aspects of our daily lives, precautions about best practices have also followed. Recently the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office in Florida arrested 25 men who were lurking on the internet with the intent to engage in sexually...
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Police Replace Parking Ticket Fees With Donations For Shelter Pets

(KEZK) - Having to pay a parking ticket isn't fun, but what might take the sting out a little bit is knowing the funds go directly to a pet-friendly cause. One city's scofflaws didn't mind as much when shelling out. Kicking off a pilot program to help fund a local animal shelter, police in Muncie,...
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Police catch suspect after he farts too loud

(KEZK) -- A suspect tried hiding from police but was found after passing gas so loud that the Liberty Police Department were able to "sniff him out." The suspect was wanted for possession of a controlled substance in Clay County near Kansas City, but unfortunately for him the list of controlled...
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9 Area Restaurants Giving 100% of Tonight's Profits to Fallen Officer Langsdorf's Family

(KEZK) - Think about taking the family out for dinner Tuesday night to support the family of slain North County Police Cooperative Officer Michael Langsdorf. Tonight will be a popular dine-out event as local restaurants will donate all of their profits to the family. All nine are locations of...
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'WHERE'S BABY?' O'Fallon Police have a plan to prevent deaths in hot cars

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) - Every year, summer brings countless stories of children who die after being left in hot cars and this weekend in the St. Louis area will be heating up with temperatures in the 90's. The O'Fallon Police Department has come up with a plan to prevent those tragic deaths. The O'...
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Mexico Missouri bull

LOOK: Bull escapes vet, rams into police car

MEXICO, Mo. (KEZK) — A bull escaped from a veterinary clinic on Tuesday morning in Missouri, and started scampering around the streets of Mexico (the city, not the country). Clinic personnel and some volunteers from a nearby stockyard were eventually able to capture the bull, but only after it...
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St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars

'5 billion dollar' fine for anyone in a Stars jersey

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) — If any Dallas Stars fans are in town for Game 7 against the St. Louis Blues , they may want to be careful if they decide to show they fandom away from Enterprise Center. Chesterfield Police tweeted Tuesday afternoon they would be enforcing a "5 billion dollar" fine for wearing a...
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Donkey on highway

WATCH: Illinois police rescue donkey from highway

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (KEZK) — Police rescued a donkey from highway 90 Wednesday morning and it was recorded on an officer's body camera. The donkey, named Dusty, was returned to its owner, who had just bought the animal. The latch on the trailer it was in apparently was unsecured. "That's a...
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