poop museum in Japan

The interactive poop museum in Japan is surprisingly cute!

YOKOHAMA, Japan (AP) — Japan’s culture of cute makes no exceptions for poop. It gets a pop twist at the Unko Museum in Yokohama near Tokyo. Here, the poop is artificial, nothing like what would be in a toilet, and comes in twisty ice cream and cupcake shapes, in all colors and sizes. “The poops are...
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Woman Makes Masterpieces Out of Moose Manure

Holy crap, this is big news! A woman named Mary Winchenbach makes ornaments, earrings and even clocks from moose droppings. From "Poo Poo Clocks" to "Fecal People" nothing is going to waste when using these products. Her business name is Tirdy Works and you can find her products through her...
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