Saint Louis Zoo

WATCH: Meet Kijana- New Member of the Saint Louis Zoo

Meet Kijana, the newest member of the chimpanzee family at the Zoo! Kijana is a 26-year-old male chimpanzee that recently moved to St. Louis from Little Rock, Arkansas. World Chimpanzee Day is July 14th. Visit the chimpanzee family can be seen this summer at Fragile Forest. Welcome to the family...
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Starbucks at the STL Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo Now Has A Starbucks Inside!

Imagine sipping on a chai tea next to a cheetah? At the Saint Louis Zoo you can! On Friday the St. Louis Zoo opened the first Starbucks location ever inside of a zoo! The Saint Louis Zoo announced, "visitors can now enjoy Candy Crossing, the Zoo’s new fudge and candy shop, and a Starbucks walk up...
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St. Louis Zoo Cheetah's Now Have Names!

If you have been following the Cheetah cubs that were recently born at the Saint Louis Zoo in November, they now have names! Mother cheetah, Bingwa had quite the pack. Eight baby cubs to be exact. The Saint Louis Zoo announced the "Bingwa Bunch" just like the Brady Bunch, and they even have their...
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