Santa Baby

Annoying Things People Do When They're Texting

A new survey found the five most annoying things people do when they're texting, and they are: 1. Vanishing in the middle of a conversation. 2. Being sarcastic. 3. Using bad grammar. 4. Using too many acronyms and emojis. 5. Sending multiple messages when one would do the trick. I added a 6th most...
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Santa Baby 2018

102.5 KEZK, MCRM Fertility and Ginger Bay Salon & Spa are looking for this year’s Christmas’ Santa Baby! All you need to do to enter is to submit a color Christmas themed picture of your bundle of joy in a jpeg or png format. The child must currently be 18 months or younger. Only entries from...
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KEZK's Santa Baby Photo Contest

Meet our 2017 winner, Blake!
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