Gonzaga Fans

Gonzaga Grandma Becomes Viral Star

Dubbed “Gonzaga Grandma,” she immediately became an Internet star. During No. 4-seeded Gonzaga’s first-round victory over No. 13-seeded UNC Greensboro on Thursday, an elderly woman in the Zags section went viral after being spotted on the TNT broadcast late game in the game. Gonzaga freshman guard...
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hand dryer

Mom's Pic of Fungi Grown From Bathroom Hand Dryer Goes Viral

A mother and microbiology student in Carlsbad, California, has completed an experiment that'll have you reaching for the Purell. Nichole Ward has gone viral thanks to a Facebook pic that shows the horrific organisms she grew in a Petri dish after putting it under a hand dryer. "Ready to have your...
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Laptop Typing

Woman’s Moving Final Letter Goes Viral After Her Death

So sad, and yet so important to read… The family of a 27-year-old Australian woman who died of cancer last week has released an inspiring letter she wrote before her death. Holly Butcher touched on many things, like not worrying about the little things in life and spending time giving to others...
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Being Single In The Family Christmas Card

Instead of bemoaning her single, child-free life, she’s celebrating it in the funniest way possible.
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