Mountain Dew Body Wash Exists and Allows You to Bathe in Soda

If you’ve ever dreamt of lathering up your body in the citrusy goodness of Mountain Dew soda, well, your dream is coming true. While the name “Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast” might sound like a new offering at Taco Bell, the PepsiCo product is intended to turn your shower or bath into a fizzy...
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sick day

Missouri News Anchor's Sick Note Goes Viral When He Accidentally Emailed The Entire Company

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KEZK) - The latest reminder to double-check your emails before hitting send comes to us courtesy of Nick Vasos of Kansas City's FOX4, who sent a note calling in sick to work on Friday to an entire network of TV stations. His email was meant to be seen by just a few managers, but...
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'COOLEST PUPPY EVER' Rescued in Missouri Has Tail Growing From Forehead

JACKSON, Mo (KEZK) - A very unique rescued puppy from Missouri is going viral because of the short little tail sticking out of his forehead. The appropriately named "Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn" was rescued on Nov. 8 by Mac's Mission in Cape Girardeau . He was found out in the cold...
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Bon Appé-feet: Photo of 'Feetloaf' Halloween dish goes viral

(KEZK) - If you're looking for a way to make a common meal exciting again this Halloween look no further than the "Feetloaf." A photo of the dish recently posted on Twitter went viral with reactions to what looks like a pair of size-10 feet hacked off at the ankle bone. The Tweet from @...
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Macy's Stopped Selling Plates After People Say They Promoted Eating Disorders

(KEZK) - Macy's is pulling a line of decorative plates that compare food portion sizes to the size of jeans a person should be wearing off of its store shelves. A photo of the plates went viral after it was shared by a comedian/podcast host on Twitter and people started claiming it was promoting...
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LOOK: Viral Optical Illusion

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) - There's a picture going viral right now that LOOKS like a picture of a beach with a storm passing over it... But IT'S NOT... if you can see a beach, ocean sky, rocks and stars then you are an artist, But its not a painting its lower part of the car gate which needs to be repaired...
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#FloridaMan Viral Challenge Takes Twitter by Storm

"Florida sheriff warns residents not to shoot at Hurricane Irma: 'You won't make it turn around'"
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Look: Woman Gifts Her Husband with "Grandma: Gone Wild" Photos

One grandma decided to unravel some hilarious fun this Christmas for her husband! Samantha Bishop, photographer of Roaming Magnolias Photography was asked by her mother if she could take some boudoir photos as a Christmas present for her husband. But there was one condition, the photoshoot must...
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TRENDING: Yanny or Laurel? Which Do You Hear? 

Yanny or Laurel? It is the debate that is literally TAKING over the internet! Seriously. It’s the new “gold dress” debate. Yeah, remember that? Well, now the new debate actually involves a sound clip Is the robotic-like voice saying “Yanny” or “Laurel”? Listen for yourself: What do you hear?! Yanny...
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