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Artist Paints Mural While Singing National Anthem at Mizzou Game

Over the weekend the Missouri Tigers took on the Kentucky Wildcats and to kickoff the game was artist, Joe Everson. Joe did not only sing the National Anthem, but he also painted too. It was hard to make out in the beginning what Joe was painting, but at about 1:20 mark he flipped his canvas and...
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Mechanical Bull

Video: Woman Loses Her Wig on a Mechanical Bull

Note to self: don't wear your wig while riding a bull. A woman was riding a mechanical bull at a Super Bowl party in Los Angeles on Sunday. And all was well until the bull kicked it up a notch, and her wig came flying off. Video of Hairy Ride on a Mechanical Bull || ViralHog
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Employee Sings Amazing Christmas Classics for Customers

His voice will definitely keep you from shopping! Wow!
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Reporter Gets Nailed With a Snowball in the Face

She didn't even have time to react.
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Family Dog Mauls Elf on the Shelf, ER Staff Works Their Magic

When a hospital manager’s dog mauled her young daughter’s Elf on the Shelf, she called on her colleagues to save the day.
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Man Gets Down to Michael Jackson

This guy's dancing will make your Monday a little better!
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