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Chicken Wings

VIRAL VIDEO: Man Appeals To City Council Over "Wings"

A Nebraska man urged the Lincoln City Council to "remove the name 'boneless wings' from our menus and from our hearts."
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Subway Sally

WATCH: Stray Dog Who Visits Subway Daily goes Viral

"Subway Sally," a stray dog that shows up at a Subway sandwich shop every night, has gone viral. CBS News reports that the dog, who has been fed by Portales, New Mexico, Subway employees for about a year now, was captured on video which has since gone viral.
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Boy reunited with missing dog

Watch: Boy's Emotional Reunion With Lost Dog

A mom surprised her 12-year-old son by showing up at school with their missing dog. It was gone for over two weeks, and she got a tip that it was at a shelter.
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Kids get pranked by parents

VIRAL VIDEO: Grinch Scares Kids During Photoshoot

A video posted to social media showing two children getting the mistletoe scared out of them by The Grinch has people in stitches.
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VIRAL VIDEO: 96-Year-Old Man Reunites With Dog

A grandfather coming home to his dog after 16 days in hospital!
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VIRAL VIDEO: Man Wonders Why Military Can't Stop Hurricanes

He says the Navy could drop ice into the warm ocean, and the Air Force could fly planes in the opposite direction of the winds to turn them around.
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WATCH: Neighborhood Kids Say Goodbye To Elderly Neighbor

This might be the sweetest thing we've ever seen. Every day, this elderly woman says "hello" to school kids as they pass by her house. When they found out their she was moving, hundreds of kids left school to give her one last "goodbye" Every day, this elderly woman says "hello" to school kids as...
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VIRAL VIDEO: Dad interrogates daughter's first date via doorbell camera

This could start a trend. A dad who wasn't home used the doorbell cam to "meet" his daughter's first date. He asks the guy the typical stuff like, where are they going, and when will they be home. Video of Dad interrogates daughter's first date via doorbell camera. - 1062899
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WATCH: Latest Inductee Into The Local News Interview Hall of Fame

A local news report from Huntington, West Virginia about a student car being crushed after a tree fell on it has gone viral thanks to an eye witness report. The car belonged to a student from Marshall University but the man who witnessed the whole thing, Billy Tatum has become the real star of the...
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VIRAL VIDEO: The Dancing Goats Are What We Need These Days

This video of dancing goats is everything that's right about the internet. Call me naive but I still believe that many of the world's problems can be solved by dancing goats. -- --: — Paul Bronks (@SlenderSherbet) July 28, 2019
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