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VIRAL VIDEO: TV Reporter Catches Runaway Horse

A reporter in England stopped a runaway racehorse by standing in its path and grabbing the reins. The horse runs OVER her but she hangs on until it stops. Her name is Hayley Moore and she comes from a family of trainers and jockeys. Video of Hayley Moore - At The Races presenter amazingly catches...
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WATCH: Twitter Goes Nuts Over John Mayer's Low-Budget Music Video

John Mayer has debuted a ridiculously cheesy music video for his latest single "New Light." The clip makes heavy use of an obvious green screen and features Mayer singing in front of dusty farm roads and Egyptian pyramids, among other places. It also includes low-budget effects like Mayer...
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VIRAL VIDEO: Giggling Toddlers Make Cutest Couple Ever

How can you not love this? This one's from a while back, but someone re-posted it and it's on it's second viral run on social medi A little girl kisses a little boy who then wipes the kiss away and giggles. She does it again and again, same response. Then HE goes in for the kiss, and SHE wipes it...
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VIRAL VIDEO: Bulldozer Triggers Massive Pollen Cloud

I want to sneeze just watching this! The northeast is experiencing severe amounts of pollen this year, and this video proves the point. A guy in New Jersey taps a tree with his backhoe loader, and it sends a massive cloud of pollen into the air. Video of Amazing tree pollen attack
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VIRAL VIDEO: River of Lava 'Swallows Everything" in Hawaii

Volcanic eruptions on the southern end of the island of Hawaii after a series of tremors left residents frightened and confused as authorities continued the evacuation of the state’s largest park and worked to keep residents and sightseeers away from the flowing lava. Following days of small...
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Viral Video: Anthony Hopkins' Crazy Twitter Dance is Everything

Our favorite scary movie lead, Anthony Hopkins, posted a video over the weekend that has fans saying, "What did I just watch?" The 80-year-old Oscar winner posted the video Sunday stating, "This is what happens when you're all work and no play..." The video has since gone viral and racked up nearly...
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Viral Video: Taco Bell Drive Thru Stand Off

Check out this video of two hangry patrons locked in a drive thru battle for taco supremacy.
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Watch: Gorilla's Human-Like Walk Goes Viral

Nothing to see here.... just a gorilla walking like a normal human!!
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dogs and eggs

Viral Video: Dogs Try the Viral Egg Challenge

The latest compilation video from Insider shows several different dogs attempting the viral egg challenge, in which you place a raw egg in a dog's mouth and see if they can keep it without cracking it. The test is supposed to prove your dog has a soft mouth. Video of Dogs Try the Viral Egg Challenge
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starting car

Viral Video: Guy Replaces Volvo's Door Chime With Toto's “Africa”

This video posted on Facebook shows a guy named Chris Ng swapping his car’s grating door chime for something a little more entertaining: an instrumental version of “Africa” by Toto.
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