What If You Were A Millionaire?

A survey of 55 millionaires in Business Insider asked what are the things they splurge on. Here's the top five: 1. Travel. 60% said they splurged on travel, which was almost twice as many mentions as anything else in the survey. 2. Food. 35% mentioned it and included eating out and cooking at home...
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Wine and Paint Tonight

Tonight (9/30) is Wine and Paint Night in the Beer Garden of Budweiser Brew House at Ballpark Village. This fun combination is from 6 to 9p and features wine and seltzer specials, 20% off food and free appetizers from Drunken Fish while they last. $30 includes easels, 11 x 14 canvas boards, paints...
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Now That It's Hot, Do You Have Ice in Your Wine?

Now that it's "cold drink season", it's time for ice in almost anything. Right? A survey in Buzzfeed asked people whether a bunch of drinks are better with or without ice. Here are the results. 1. Lemonade... 86% say it's better with ice. 2. Soda... 77% like it with ice. 3. Water... 71%. 4. Whiskey...
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exploding wine from Casa de Loco

Missouri wines may pose a 'danger of exploding,' officials warn

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KEZK) – Six types of bottled wine from Eldon, Missouri winery Casa de Loco are at risk of exploding, and should not be consumed, the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control said in a statement Thursday. The ATC warns consumers that bottles of the following Casa de Loco...
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When Does Wine O'Clock Start Exactly?

The song may say it's 5 o'clock somewhere, but what is the best time to pop a bottle of wine? A winemaker in northern California commissioned a new survey to find out exactly when "WINE o'clock" is - meaning the best time to crack open a bottle and start drinking. The answer they came up with is...
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Beer Before Wine, or Vice Versa?

Have you ever heard that if you drink beer before wine, you won't have a bad hangover, but if you drink wine before beer, then watch out? Well, it just doesn't matter. According to a new study in the New York Times, the order you drink different things doesn't have any effect on your hangover. The...
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Schnucks now delivering adult drinks to your home 7 days a week

ST. LOUIS (KEZK) - 'Schnucks Delivers' customers wanting to enjoy a bottle of wine with their dinner or a beer while watching the game can now have it delivered directly to their door in as little as an hour. Schnuck Markets, Inc. is expanding the company’s partnership with Instacart to include...
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WATCH: Perfect wine pairing for your favorite Girl Scout cookies

Trish and Van meet up with wine expert Mike Ward to get answers to an important question.
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Wine tasting event by happy people concept.

QUIZ: Test Your Wine Knowledge!

Let's see how well you really know what you drink!
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11th Annual KEZK Wine & Chocolate

Wine & Chocolate returns to The Foundry Art Centre, Friday, March 8th from 6p-10p! Hosted by 102.5 KEZK, the 11th annual Wine and Chocolate will once again feature an exclusive opportunity to sample products from the finest chocolatiers and vineyards, while enjoying various product booths and...
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