SURVEY: Would you work if you didn't have to?

If you could afford not to work, would you still go to your job? That was the question recently posed in a recent post by the investment strategy firm PlanSponsor. More than a third ( 34.7%) of those surveyed said they would not work if they didn’t have to. But, a quarter (26.3%) said they would...
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Most Of Us Love Our Jobs

A lot of people complain about their job, so, you'd think 100% of employees are miserable at work. It turns out that the opposite is true. According to a new survey in Wrike, 88% of Americans say they're happy at their job. That includes more than one out of six people who say they're elated at...
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Top Ten Signs You Are A Workaholic

Almost half of Americans consider themselves to be workaholics according to a new survey in the NY Post. Here are the top ten signs you really are one. 1. You prioritize your work over your personal life. 54% of workaholics said they do. 2. You worry about work during your days off, 51%. 3. You...
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What If Work Started One Hour Later?

If work started one hour later, how much would it change your life? You would probably have to stay later, but imagine all the extra sleep you'd get and how you wouldn't be so rushed in the morning. A new survey in YouGov asked people how it would affect them if their work started an hour later,...
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Top Five Things We Steal From Work

A new survey by YouGov asked people if they've ever stolen stuff from work. Apparently, the supply closet is like a store where everything is free. Here are the five most common items we steal. 1. Pens and pencils. 38% of us have stolen them from work. 2. Note pads and other stationary, 22%. 3...
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Boss Thumbs Up

Sucking Up to Your Boss Makes You Worse at Your Job?

Here's an important question for the future of your career: Which will get you further, doing amazing work or sucking up to your boss? Because, apparently, "both" isn't an option. A new study out of Oregon State University found that when people kiss up to their bosses, it drains their energy...
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STUDY: 4-Day Workweek Makes Employees More Productive

This past spring in New Zealand, a financial-management firm called Perpetual Guardian reduced its employees' workweek from 40 to 32 hours and asked researchers to analyze the impact on productivity. The results were surprising: Employees actually got more work done within the tighter time frame. “...
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Dream Job: Company Seeks 'Snoozetern' to Test Mattress

"If your greatest skills include sleeping in, constant napping and a passion for a good night's rest, we have the internship for you," it reads.
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working outside

STUDY: 70% of People Globally Work Remotely at Least Once a Week

Do you get to work remotely? If so where?
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Woman Fired After Bringing Special Brownies to Work Party

Before you run to all the free food at work, read this story first! One woman decided to bring special brownies to a company work party that ended up getting her fired. One of her co-workers got a tip that the woman intended to bring laxative-laced brownies to her departing colleague's "send-off,"...
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